Novel use of a pressure bandage for assistance during surgery

Cosmetic Dermatology April 2009 Volume 22 No. 4

The ability to perform surgery efficently and safely is a necessity to the dermatologic surgeon.

Sometimes, depending on various situations, the dermatologist may find themselves doing surgery without the luxury of an assistant. One of the most valuable services a surgical assistant provides is blotting excess blood in the field. We describe a novel technique for the dermatologic surgeon to use to provide temporary blotting and collection of blood when a surgical assistant is not readily available.


In our clinic multiple small surgical procedures are performed daily. These wounds are often dressed with a sterile 3x3 4 ply cotton ultra-gauze by crosstex covered by Hypafix Conformable Retention Tape. Hypafix is a low allergy adhesive, non woven dressing retention sheet. Hypafix is easily conformable, increasing adhesion to a variety of body parts, while allowing freedom of movement. It comes in a broad size range to give complete coverage of any wound. Hypafix is indicated for post-operative wound dressing, gauze retention, securing catheter and drainage tubes, and patello-femoral positioning techniques.

We suggest a novel use for the Hypafix dressing which will allow the dermatologist freedom to perform surgical procedures solo. We suggest leaving Hypafix attached at the base, in a gravitationally dependent position. (Fig 1) It can then function to catch any blood or debris that might drip from your surgical field. (Fig 2) This same dressing can then be reused after the procedure to cover the wound site. This simple technique can save time for the dermatologist as well as provide a successful way to perform surgery without an assistant.

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