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Skin System Microdermabrasion

Aim: Instant rejuvenated texture and lift to tired skin right through to a more in-depth treatment for lines, wrinkles, acne scarring and pigmentation problems.

Who's it suitable for? All skin types. The face, body and hands can be treated. 

What happens? The skin is cleansed with a cleansing gel (which dissolves excess sebum and removes makeup), and dried before the microdermabrasion begins (which is essentially a thorough exfoliation of the skin). A flow of crystals is aimed at the surface — the speed at which they hit the skin, along with their abrasive nature removes the dead cells.

Used crystals and dead skin cells (yuck!) are simultaneously sucked up through the apparatus and discarded.

"This vacuum action also gives a lifting effect to the skin and simulates the blood supply on the skin's surface, helping promote new collagen and elastin formation," explains Dr. O'Donoghue.

If you're after just a "flash" of microdermabrasion, the crystals stop here. If you want to target certain skincare concerns (eg. pigmentation, scarring, etc), the treatment continues, focusing on the problematic areas. A "mini lift" mask (with active ingredients wheat amino acids, algae gel and diatomaceous  earth wheat proteins) is applied which claims to firm, soothe and soften the skin.

After 15 to 25 minutes it's removed and a brightening complex (with ingredients titanium dioxide, Arbutin, cucumber extract and zinc) and skin-repair serum (containing vitamin E, shea oil silk proteins and oat proteins) is applied and a skin revitalising tonic is misted over your face.

Recommended number of treatments? This depends on the individual, but as a guide, six to 10 weekly treatments, then monthly top up treatments.

Cost: $150 per treatment or 10 treatments for $1500, which includes $120 worth of products.

The bottom line: "After just one treatment, I noticed an immediate reduction in blackheads and my skin felt super-smooth. It wasn't red or blotchy as I'd expected and continued to improve over the next couple of days. Since starting treatments I've definitely had less breakouts and friends have described my skin as 'glowing'." -from a satisfied and happy patient

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