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Hello everyone! This is my first blog to our O’Donoghue Dermatology patients and potential patients. I have known many of you for more than twelve years and always look forward to seeing you again. I thought it would be great to expand our reach and let others know why you all have been so loyal to our practice. Dr. O’Donoghue is known by many as a great doctor, not only because of his high level of experience and knowledge, but also because he treats everyone with amazing kindness and care. It is an honor to work with Dr. O’Donoghue and to help him provide our patients with exceptional care.

So, as I was thinking about writing this blog, it brought me back to a college project that I had to do. We were asked to come up with a campaign for a business idea or marketing promotion. I chose skin care (surprise, surprise) as my topic. I learned a lot about proper skin care over the years from Dr. O’Donoghue, our medical assistants, reps, and patients. One part of my job I love the most is to share what I have learned and to help others. My project was named the Skin Scholar. So, I am thinking that it will be a perfect blog name. I hope you do too! I will pick topics that most of our patients need help with on a daily basis. We have knowledgeable staff to help you with all your skin care questions. I thank you all for trusting our practice and loyalty over the last twelve years. Stayed tuned for future blogs from the Skin Scholar!

Next blog subject sneak peek: What is the difference between skin care products sold at a physician office versus a retail store? It can be overwhelming to decide the right products for your skin! Stayed tuned!

- Barbara Richardson


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Wednesday, 27 January 2021

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